Win a week at sea on a sailboat

by finding the name of the boat and its flag in the text below:

Hello everyone!

We are very happy to finally present you with the new website.

Things have changed a lot recently!, which until now was just a name and an idea dating back to 2016 – previously known as “L’effet mer” – had to evolve somehow.

Well, after spending liters of sweat, kilograms of paper, endless sleepless nights, we are proud to present the ASSOCIATION!

It is a non-profit association which aims, among other things, to allow as many people as possible to sail, while encouraging its members to explore the seas, be aware of ecological issues and observe marine fauna and flora, all while sharing a maritime experience.

For the occasion, our website is finally coming out of its alpha version!

Needless to say, this project is still in its infancy, but our motivation is fully present. In these complicated times, it took a conviction as strong as Romeo’s and his sweetheart’s to  convince ourselves that such an endeavor was possible.

But let us present you with even better news; is about to be equipped with a magnificent 19m sailing boat ready to comfortably accommodate 12 people and sail all over the world!

This brand new adventure is actually more reminiscent of the adventurer Indiana Jones than of our Shakespeare lovers; raising excitement and fear at the same time. Indeed, those discussions started a long time ago took on a whole new dimension when in November last year we were able to visit this magnificent Hanse 630e which is just waiting to set sail again.

Oh, I forgot, in the little learning process to come, given the nationality of the vessel’s flag, we will have to familiarize ourselves with a new alphabet which includes these letters: Ą Ć Ę Ń Ś

We will be back soon with more information, but for now… will you be able to find the name of the boat hidden in the text? As for its flag; it’s almost too easy.

Those who know about it, let others search!

Did you find it?

Ok, simple, in order to see if you’re right, you need to connect to the website using your answer.


If you think that the boat is named DARKVADOR and that its flag is Iceland, then here is how to proceed:

Add SV in front of DARKVADOR and .IS at the end. You get the website link:

  • SV for Sailing Vessel (just add these two letters in front of the name you think you found, without any space)
  • .IS because it is the extension of Iceland

Another example?

Petunia, which would have a Turkish flag, produces:

ça vous intéresse peut-être…

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