Here you will find plenty of questions and their answers, but don't hesitate to contact us if you have other queries or if you simply don't feel like reading everything. We understand that very well and we don't bite!

General questions

I am a very light sleeper and am super annoying when I have had a bad night’s sleep, is it a good idea to come?

It is true that on a boat you can sleep extremely well, but sometimes it can also be turbulent. Often after a bad night’s sleep, it’s not uncommon for us all to take a nap during the day.

When it comes to your morning mood, you have to remember that you are in close quarters and it’s not always possible to leave the boat for a few hours to dispel your wake-up funk… It makes for a good exercise, but you have to come to terms with it before departure.

I'm super motivated but I'm scared, is it reasonable to come anyway?

Yes ! It’s normal to be frightened the first time around, it’s a new experience that shakes you up! After all, everything, everything has always gone well and the few people who came at first with apprehensions were often those who came back the following years.

I am already signed up and I have a friend who wants to come along with me but who speaks neither English nor French, is this a problem?

We need to talk about it. We are always happy to have new people on board. There is, however, a security aspect that we must always take into account. If it is strictly impossible for us to communicate with this person without going through you, this may cause some complications. Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss it — no problem!.

I really want to come but I have to work regularly during my holidays, is that a problem?

No, in principle it is not, as long as it is OK with the group dynamic and it does not have any consequences on the course of the stay. This has occurred in the past.

However, energy is a concern. Most of the time, we will be on the boat and stopovers in places where we can recharge the batteries of electronic devices (phones, tablets, cameras, etc.) are rare. We have our boat solar panels, but they are exclusively for security devices. If you bring along a laptop, chances are we won’t be able to charge it very often. A tablet, a good solar panel and a substantial battery seem more suitable.

I get seasick when I step onto a stool, does that compromise my chances of participating?

Not necessarily. But it is true that if you know in advance that you get seasick and that you already have had unpleasant experiences, you must certainly carefully weigh your decision to come. Usually seasickness only lasts a few days, but it can also ruin half of your trip. We have medicines and bracelets, but their effectiveness is not the same from person to person. Maybe you should consult your doctor, if you really want to come.

I “get pimples” when I'm not connected to the internet for more than 2 hours, do I have to forgo this trip?

No ! Certainly not. This is surely the opportunity to work a little on this addiction. We have internet for security issues (weather, land contacts, etc.), that’s not so much the concern. What is more complicated is recharging batteries. On board a sailboat, energy is precious. As we try to navigate by sail as much as possible, the engine doesn’t run very often. We will therefore focus on activities that do not require too much energy.

Heavy energy users are advised to bring their own solar panels and batteries. Contact us for more info if need be.

I am on a special diet, I feel like I'm going to be the burdensome person in the group. Can I still come?

As much as possible, we always adapt. Contact us if it is for medical reasons.

Is it possible to fish for our food?

We have eaten a few fishes and some seafood at times, but let’s be honest; we are not fishing pros! But if you can teach us any techniques, it’ll be with pleasure!

What language is spoken on board?

Even if the marine vocabulary is better mastered in the language of Molière, it goes very well in English too. The preferred language will be the one spoken by all.

How many nautical miles will I sail?

Hard to say in advance. It depends on many factors: the weather, the wishes of the crew, the priorities, the wind… We strive to be at sea on average 1 full day out of 3. In our experience, this ensures a good balance between navigation, logistics and relaxation (morning + afternoon).

I need to validate nautical miles, is this possible?

Yes it’s possible. Contact us beforehand.

What are the Rules of Life on board?

N ° 1: Shut up and row!

N° 2: Your own freedom ends where someone else’s begins!

More seriously, a boat is a relatively narrow place which requires everybody to follow some good practices and to keep a certain amount of common sense. This implies, for example, to be a bit rigorous regarding storage and to listen to one another (but especially to the Skipper 😁) … This is the topic of a preliminary briefing, and there is a daily follow-up (debriefing of the day) so no worries to have.

What are the tasks that will be delegated to me?

Overall, it depends on your desires and expectations. In the past, we have had crew members on board who voluntarily spent more time in the galley than at the helm, or on planification tasks … rather than maneuvering. The important thing is that everyone participates and shares their skills and knowledge. This is the principle of what has been called “collaborative navigation”.

(It is important that certain simple practices are understood and mastered relatively quickly, as well as to respect common sense. Let me give you an example: the capstan knot. This knot is very simple to make and it is used very frequently, however if it is poorly done, this can be problematic. Don’t panic, we will take the time to explain this to you before the maneuvers.)

What am I going to eat?

When the day has been rough, it’s important to cheer up with a meal that cheers us all up! We have a menu list that works well, but every time it varies according to the desires, ideas, and food intolerances of each person. Obviously, we eat the fresh produce first. It’s not uncommon to invent amazing new recipes, especially towards the end of the trip!

What services are included / excluded in the price?

The price includes overnight stays on the boat, full board, diesel, various costs such as port and mooring taxes. The price does not include the plane ticket to getting to the boat, nor alcoholic drinks.

What are the qualifications of the skippers?

Both skippers have an offshore license, the highest distinction for pleasure boating.

What experience do I need to have to register?

No experience is required. The goal is to learn what you want and share your know-how. Believe me, on a boat there are many things to do that have nothing to do with pure navigation. Among these things, everyone has known or unknown qualities that will be highlighted during this adventure.

Can I get a refund in the event of my cancellation?

We would be very disappointed to see you cancel … Once deposited, the deposit cannot be refunded.

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