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A motivated team is the engine of a successful collaboration.

Share your skills. And much more.

Unwinding must remain accessible.

Eco-responsible activities.

Inaccessible places at your fingertips.

Collaborative navigation means learning to navigate together.

"Don't be afraid of being slow, only of being stopped"

– Blaise Hoffmann –


Eco-responsible activities

Marine fauna and flora protection is important to us; this is why the majority of our activities are directly linked to ecology. We aim to raise awareness of ways to preserve the environment…while sailing on the sea!


Collaborative sailing, training, teamwork, sustainable development are all aspects that are important to us.

A motivated team is the engine of a successful collaboration.

Each member brings their knowledge and skills to participate in the smooth running of activities, to live a motivating experience and to return home with a new perspective. We train you to collaborate on a daily basis and to effectively propel new projects. Watch that learning curve!


Share your skills and much more

Exchange is a fundamental value of, which is why each person finds their place and has the opportunity to share their know-how through the various activities carried out.

Shared experiences make our lives richer, not only at a personal level, but also within the association.


Unwinding must remain accessible

The association wishes to make its proposed activities accessible to as many people as possible, whatever their experience, background or desires. It is possible to embark with and to escape from your daily life; create unforgettable memories.

Inaccessible places at your fingertips

Imagine an exciting world combining exploration and adventure. Whether visiting historic and cultural landmarks or little-known regions or experiencing inner discoveries; there are many possibilities for enjoying life on board. Immerse yourself in a new experience, a motivating atmosphere and a postcard setting.


Discover details, layout and pictures !


It’s possible to invest, and get involved, in different ways.


From a somewhat crazy idea … to the completion of a project!


Certified adult trainer, Skipper & Diving Instructor

Balthazar is a computer scientist by trade, he worked for more than ten years in a humanitarian emergency organization. This multicultural, international and demanding environment has developed his ability to adapt to the unknown through experience. At the same time, he became an adult Trainer as well as a training designer. Finally, by becoming a Diving Instructor and Skipper, he was able to develop his teaching, risk analysis and management skills. From then on, he has organized collaborative, as well as training cruises. Blessed with a sense of strong leadership, he has a great capacity for adaptation and shows ease in decision-making, and group management in the face of conflict and stress.


Informaticien & Skipper

Yorick is also a computer scientist by trade and career, but it is on the water that his full potential unfolds. Passionate about sailing both on lakes and at sea, what animates him the most is sharing his skills within a group. A group that he will have taken care to form as much on the water as around a good meal. He can be found as easily at the helm of the boat as at the back of the cabin, recharging the batteries of all that is electronic. Yorick has already participated in and organized seven sea voyages on sailboats 30 to 50 feet long. He is arguably the most important person on board.


Formateur d’adultes certifié & ingénieur en environnement

David has a diverse and varied professional background. IT, organic farming, environmental education, adult training: he has defined himself professionally by taking into account his interests and passions. Most important for himis undoubtedly meting people, sharing with each other and transmitting knowledge. Beyond his professional life, the desire to go off the beaten track has always inspired him. For him, innovation is more than just an attraction, it is a necessity, a state of mind. Following the many training courses he has taken and the questioning of the learning processes, he is passionate about the concept of designing trainings based on experience and practice. Passionate and committed, he has exceptional listening skills combined with a pragmatic nature.

Collaborative navigation is learning how to navigate together.






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