Sail. Share. Learn.

Each trip is different for a unique experience

What to expect?

Members who embark on a trip are strongly encouraged to participate in all activities required to sail on a sailboat. Here are a few examples:

  • Maneuvers
  • Sailing and steering the sailboat
  • Thinking through planning the journey
  • Kitchen duties on board
  • Supplies for the trip
  • Maintenance
  • Travel documentation

To go further, participants can request to be assigned a role for a defined period of time. The aim of this being to reinforce their learning curve on a particular aspect of navigation, so as to, for example, pass on their knowledge to their shipmates.

Members are also invited to participate in various activities that might be considered secondary. These will differ depending on the professions and interests of the other crew members. Likewise, it is greatly appreciated that participants share their passions, whether or not they are related to navigation.

Regularly, a debriefing is organized so that everyone can express their ideas about their integration on board and their desires for the following days. offers as much as possible a variety of activities such as snorkeling, exploring the region, exploring historic places, scuba diving, kayaking (or stand-up paddle) excursions and shore excursions. There will be more info in the program specific to each stay.

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