Sail with Vitamin Sea

and see the world from a different perspective ...

Navigation rates offers sailing trips combining adventure, nature observation, skill learning and human encounters.

No basic knowledge in navigation is necessary.

Adventure guaranteed.

All rates include :

  • Sleeping in a double, triple or dormitory cabin
  • full board meals
  • the board box (shipping and shipping costs)
  • a participation in the maintenance costs of the boat
  • 2 experienced skippers

They do not include:

  • Alcohol on board
  • travel costs to and from the boat
  • the annual association membership fee (mandatory ) of CHF 100.-

Prices vary within a bracket depending on the type and location of navigation, but also depending on the number of people on board. We do everything we can to offer the fairest price possible.

Individual rates

For occasional sailors

For those who wish to discover the world of sailing without getting too involved

Standard rates
CHF 200 and 250 / day

Launch prices:

CHF 160 to 200 / day


Boatswain prices

These rates apply to people who contribute monthly to the “Boatswain” offer.

This limited offer allows you to navigate at astute prices!

Boatswain rate
CHF 160 à 200 / jour

Boatswain launch prices:

CHF 128 to 160 / day

Individual preferential rates

These rates apply:

to active supporting members

to honorary members

to historical members

to holders of Captain or Admiral credit (special “support us” offers)


CHF 120 to 150 / day

group (max 10 people)

These rates apply to people wishing to book the entire boat.

Each person in the group must become a member of the association (except in the case of a collective member)

Already advantageous at 8 participants!


CHF 1200 to 1500 / day

Because the sea has so much to offer; sailing is not-to-be-missed and protecting the sea is essential. offers unique boat trips that totally respect the natural environment. We are currently preparing the sailboat, and equipping it adequately and we will be able to sail. In the meantime, you will find plenty of information available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or by having a look at our former sailing trips.


Frequently asked Questions

When will I be able to book a navigation?

We are preparing the boat, as soon as it is ready to go to sea, we will offer a wide offer of sailing trips. At the moment it is only possible to take advantage of the support offers that you will find here

What do I do if I want to sail for three weeks?

You will have to look on the reservation calendar and choose the sailing trip(s) most adapted to your needs according to locations, duration of the trip, and dates. It is possible that all sailings are not the same duration or length.

Are the promotional rates going to be available for a long time?

Not very long ; it is the principle of a promotion. However, it is very possible that new promotions will be added or will appear on the site. You should come back and check from time to time.

Which payment methods do you propose?

Credit cards or bank transfers. Maybe TWINT at a later stage.

What currencies is it possible to pay in? (€, US $, £, etc.)

For now, it is only possible to pay in Swiss Francs (CHF). Maybe in the future it will be possible to choose a different currency.

Do we need to have minimal sailing knowledge?

No, none.However, it is certain that at the end of the stay, you will have acquired good navigating experience. Everything will depend on your personal involvement.

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